Distributed GPU Computing

Maximize your earnings with AiONE's decentralized, shared GPU mining ecosystem, catering to the needs of AI projects and GPU contributors alike.

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AiONE is a revolutionary GPU aggregator that enables users to harness the power of shared GPU resources to fuel AI projects while generating profits for contributors. Our decentralized ecosystem connects AI developers in need of GPU computing power with individuals and organizations that have idle GPU resources. By leveraging this shared infrastructure, AiONE fosters innovation in AI and creates a sustainable, profitable platform for GPU contributors.

how it work

AI developers access the AiONE ecosystem to acquire GPU resources for their projects. GPU contributors offer their resources on the platform, setting their desired pricing. The AiONE network facilitates transactions and resource allocation between AI developers and GPU contributors. Profits are generated from AI developers' payments and distributed to GPU contributors accordingly.

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why DGC

AiONE leverages blockchain technology to ensure fair and transparent revenue distribution among GPU contributors.

Contributors can adjust their GPU resource pricing based on market demand, optimizing their earning potential.

As demand for GPU resources grows, contributors can increase their profits by allocating additional GPU resources to the network.

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